Javi Marroquin: HOOKING UP With Kailyn Lowry's BFF??

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If you follow Teen Mom 2 gossip, you likely already know that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are getting a divorce.

And sadly, their split has been nothing if not tumultuous.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin

Like so many youths today, they can't help but air their grievances on social media, and oftentimes tweet and 'gram and post hurtful crap just to passive aggressively get each other's goats.

Javi, in particular, has been spectacularly guilty of this.

Earlier this month, he basically called out Kailyn for cheating when he tweeted, "What's done in the night will show in the light."

There's been wide speculation that Kail has been seeing a woman named Becky Hayter, mostly because the TM2 star shared (then deleted) a pic of the two of them kissing to Instagram.

Kailyn neither confirmed nor denied a dalliance with Becky, but Javi took it upon himself to act like he was already scoping out other females on Twitter.

During some interactions with a Brooke Wells, he appeared to express interest in her sister.

"Is your sister single tho?!" he tweeted at his friend. He also included a heart-eyed emoji - and we all know what that means.

But now, it seems that Javi is flaunting a relationship with Kailyn's former BFF Christina “Peach” Pietrobon.

“Missing @Javimarroquin9,” Peach tweeted, to which Javi retweeted and replied back with, “So soon! So freaking soon!”

Javi Marroquin Tweets Kailyn Lowry's BFF

Kail and Peach reportedly ended their friendship shortly after Kailyn's divorce was announced.

“Really disappointed in you,” Peach tweeted to Lowry.

“You’ll blame someone for not being there yet you won’t even give them the chance to choose to be there," Peach wrote in another tweet.

"You decided for them when you neglected to tell them all the information to make their own decision.”

What a hairy mess.

I thank god social media was not around when I was coming of age and making poor decisions.

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