Harry Styles is About to Pull a Zayn Malik

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First, lots of hair left his head.

Now, Harry Styles is prepared to leave One Direction forever.

Harry Styles is Cute

The beloved boy band, of course, is on an extended hiatus.

About a year ago, One Direction announced that they would not tour or make any new music through at least 2016, with most expecting this break to last through 2017 as well.

But is this break really a full-on break-up?

That has been the fear of fans ever since it was confirmed by Harry, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan.

And while we may never know for certain if this handsome quartet will grace the same stage ever again, we do now know that Styles has plans to record music outside of the group.

The attractive artist has signed a recording contract with Columbia Records.

This is the the same label behind One Direction.

Deal terms have not been release and there is no timeline for a solo album, insiders say, but this is most definitely a first step toward Styles heading in that... well... direction.

In early 2015, of course, Zayn Malik left One Direction and started his own solo career.

It would likely be considered a success at this point, wouldn't you say?

Many have believed for years now that Styles is the most likely member to become the next Justin Timberlake; to go from boy band member to solo artist to multi-faceted entertainer.

We don't know if that's his grand plan, but we do know this:

Styles is currently filming the Christopher Nolan World War II drama, Dunkirk.

He clearly has his sights set beyond the world of One Direction.

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