Emilia Clarke & Johnny Knoxville: Dating?!

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Nostalgia usually works on a 20-year cycle, so the guys from Jackass have returned to the world of celebrity gossip well ahead of schedule.

Their last project together came out in 2010, but lately, tabloids and fans on social media have been chattering away about Bam Margera's alcoholism, and now  - Johnny Knoxville's love life.

Emilia Clarke and Johnny Knoxville

Knoxville is still married to his second wife, Naomi Nelson, but this photo that Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke posted to her Instagram page over the weekend has sparked rumors that actor/daredevil is, um ... "riding the dragon," as Daario Naharis would say.

Clarke captioned the photo:

"You can call him rose... Our mission: the heart of the ocean, Our reality: a drunken watermelon.

"#boatridesarelikeaboxofchocloatesyouneverknowwhatyouregonnaget @johnnykoxville the ultimate prankster on a boat full of people...?!!#Beafraidandbeprepared"

Clearly, the Khaleesi loves hashtags and booze cruises, but does she love Knoxville?

There's been rampant speculation from fans, and it's not hard to see why.

After all, Emilia dated Seth MacFarlane, which would lead us to believe that she does have a type (older dudes who are recognized masters of ribald, envelope-pushing humor).

She has yet to respond to fan comments about the possibility that she and Knoxville are dating, which many are taking as a her way of tacitly confirming that they're an item.

However, we're slapping a "just friends" label on this relationship.

For starters, as we said, Knoxville is married.

There's also the fact that Clarke and Knoxville are working on a movie together, so that's probably the reason they're spending so much time in one another's company.

That said, Knoxville isn't exactly a tabloid staple, so we would have no idea if he and his wife are separated, and many a romance has kicked off on a movie set.

Conclusion: we have no idea if these two are hittin' it, but they seem like they'd be a hell of a fun couple!

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