Calvin Harris Tweets "Truth" About Taylor Swift Split

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Calvin Harris just dropped a major #TruthBomb.

A couple days after news of Harris' break up with Taylor Swift went viral, the DJ took to Twitter in order to clear up a few rumors.

Calvin Harris at Coachella

Why did the 15-month relationship come to an end?

Did the flame of romance simply flicker out? Was it a question of travel schedules? Work conflicts? Too many nights apart on the road?

Or was Swift really pressuring Harris to get married?

The short answer is this: we don't know.

But the overall gist is that everything between Harris and Swiftis A-OK.

“The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect,” Harris wrote on Twitter this afternoon.

Swift then retweeted his message.

So there you have it. Pretty uninteresting, pretty un-scandalous and pretty boring, from a celebrity gossip standpoint at least.

The 32-year old DJ reportedly was the one to call his romance off with the 26-year old artist last week.

Swift then took off for Nashville and has been spending time with her family, mourning the relationship's demise.

She was spotted at a guitar store with her mother on Tuesday and an eye witness told Us Weekly that Swift looked perfectly happy.

However, numerous outlets and insiders all say the same thing: there was no cheating. There was no real drama.

Things just ran their course, for the most part.

Naturally, people are going to make jokes about Swift now having material for her next album and make cracks over how she'll never find a man.

But Taylor Swift is 26 years old. She just ended a relationship in very mature fashion. We think she'll be just fine in the end.

If she is already in the market for a new man, however... we have some ideas:

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