Beyonce and Jay Z: How Did They Find Love Again?

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Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage woes have long been a huge talking point. 

Things reached dizzying new heights when Queen B dropped her latest album, Lemonade. It became pretty obvious that some of her lyrics hinted towards her husband cheating on her. 

This obviously set the internet ablaze with people muttering, "who is Becky with the good hair?"

Beyoncé And Jay Z At Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Clippers

There were a string of suspects about who it could be. There were some who were actually pretty plausible and others that were just there to add fuel to the fire. 

There were also some that thought that the whole thing was just a way to drive sales of the album, with the couple having created this controversy out of thin air.

At various points, people believed Beyonce and Jay Z would be the next big split of 2016, but it sure seems like the artists have moved on and are actually stronger than ever. 

"Beyoncé and Jay are really working on their marriage. Jay is making time for Beyoncé and his family more overall," a source told E! News, adding that their time on the road is also lending a hand to bringing these two together again.

"Beyoncé's tour has brought Jay and Beyoncé very close. Jay has been by Beyoncé side during many of her shows so far."

It seems like that Jay Z has also been wining and dining his Queen.

"They also have been making time for date nights with each other to some of their favorite restaurants around New York City," the insider continued.

"They went on a romantic boat ride and got to laugh and enjoy the day together. They are in such a happy place as a couple...Beyoncé and Jay have found love again and it's very obvious to all the people around them."

Beyonce's The Formation World Tour continues to be a huge hit with the masses. It is sold out literally everywhere. 

It's good that Beyoncé has her man and her child with her on the road. 

"Beyoncé is working hard on her tour that has taken a toll on her body, but she has the help from Jay with Blue and that's important to her.

"She wants Blue and Jay to be with her as much as possible this summer. Beyoncé is a very hands-on mom and having Blue with her only strengths her performance."

Bey has one more stop in Detroit before taking some time off for a break. She'll then jet to London in July to continue her tour. 

In the end, it looks as if these superstars made lovable lemons out of Lemonade. Or something.

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