Becky Hayter: Who is Kailyn Lowry's New Love Interest?

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The ongoing soap opera that is Kailyn Lowry's love life took an unexpected turn recently, when the world learned that Lowry might be dating a woman.

Kailyn Lowry and Becky Hayter

Sources close to the Teen Mom 2 star indicated that not only has she moved on, and fast, but it's with a member of the same gender.

Ever since she officially separated from Javi Marroquin, Kailyn has been spending a lot of time with a female friend named Becky Hayter.

At one point, a video of Kailyn and Becky kissing surfaced on Lowry's Instagram page, causing immediate controversy.

It was quickly deleted after the comments section exploded with speculation about Kailyn's sexual orientation.

But though the video wasn't online for very long, the 24-year-old reality star replaced the clip with the image below.

She has not denied that she's romantically involved with Hayter.

Kailyn Lowry At Gay Pride 2016 in New Jersey

Fueling the fire, insiders have confirmed that Lowry dated several women during her adolescent years, as well.

Earlier today the mother of two seemed to confirm her sexual fluidity, tweeting, "Do I have to be gay or straight? Can't I just love people?"

Little is known about Hayter, but she seems to be even less shy than Lowry about confirming that the romantic rumors are 100% true.

In addition to re-tweeting Kailyn's coming out tweet (if you can call it that), moments ago Becky re-tweeted a fan who wrote:

"I have to say @KailLowry & @hayter25 would make a bangin couple tho."

It's not a direct confirmation, but it certainly seems Hayter is implying that she and Lowry are far more than just friends.

Though she's new to the public eye, Hayter doesn't seem the least bit bothered by the, well ... haters.

She's wisely opted not to engage with them on a one-to-one basis (Never feed the trolls, kids!), and she instead dismissed the more critical comments she's been receiving in recent days.

"Do people not understand calling me a lesbian is not offensive?" she tweeted.

Based on her Twitter page, Hayter seems like a woman who knows how to party and a staunch advocate for LGBT rights.

In a word, she seems cool, which is more than can be said about most of the dudes that have come and gone from Teen Mom 2 over the years.

It's official: We're 'shipping these two. Long live Kaiter!

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