Tyler Baltierra Shocks Fans With Drug Use Confession

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Before he matured into one half of the mist stable couple in Teen Mom history, Tyler Baltierra struggled with substance abuse.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell Photo

In the recent memoir he co-wrote with wife Catelynn Lowell, Baltierra revealed that he began experimenting with weed and alcohol at the age of 8 and eventually moved on to harder drugs, such as cocaine and ecstasy.

Tyler wrote of using in the early days of his relationship with Catelynn and of his struggle to get clean, and it was widely believed that he had been drug-free for the past several years.

So some fans were surprised when Baltierra admitted on Twitter last night that he still drinks and smokes pot.

“Marijuana is only bad if the user makes it bad,” he wrote. “Alcohol is only bad when the user abuses it… crack, heroin & meth? #ScrewAllThat.”

Obviously, there's nothing unusual about a 24-year-old drinking or smoking weed, but some fans expressed concern as a result of Baltierra's well-publicized past.

“I have a defective brain & used coke, pills, shrooms, LSD, ecstasy, etc,” Tyler tweeted, making no effort to downplay the severity of his former addictions. “I just chose not to deny my weakness w/ drugs.”

He added that he has no such problems with booze or pot and posted the following retweets:

"Just like alcohol or any other substance or habit, if it's not negatively impacting your life, it's fine. #allinmoderation"

"As long as a person has this bills paid, food in the house & babies taken care of FIRST. I don't think it's a problem."

Despite recent rumors that Lowell and Baltierra were headed for divorce, the couple is still going strong and Tyler frequently gushes about his wife and daughter, Novalee.

We say if they can safely take the edge off now and then, more power to them.

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