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If you don’t follow her on Twitter, you might not be aware that Tila Tequila is pretty much a bonafide, real-live crazy person.

Tila’s racist rants and violent threats are basically the social media equivalent of a ten-car pileup.

We know we should look away, but for some reason, we just can’t.

Usually, the whole routine smacks of trolling, and we hate to give any attention to bigoted D-list pseudo-celebs, but it’s hard not to when they’re threatening to shoot up movie theaters.

Lately, the public’s interest in Tila’s lunatic ramblings has dwindled, so she’s been forced to take on tougher opponents in order to grab the retweets she craves like oxygen.

First Tila took on Azealia Banks

Now she’s going after the Bey Hive.

Yes, in a nonsensical tirade posted last night, Tila decided to attack Beyonce, thus ensuring that she’ll incur the ire of the Internet’s most fervent fan base:

“Why does @Beyonce  try so hard to act “hood?” If a riot broke out I assure you she would be the last person there helping anyone.

“As a matter of fact, I am actually more “hood” than @Beyonce since I live in Houston. I just happen to be a white nationalist.”

Not offensive enough for you?

Don’t worry, she goes on to explain her theory that Beyonce is a witch who sacrificed Aaliyah in order to seal her deal with the Devil:

“If anything is to be said about @Beyonce it’s that she sold her soul & is now partaking in the destruction of our children. #SellOut

“She had to blood sacrifice Aaliyah in order to make room for the witch @Beyonce But she will NEVER be as great as Aaliyah! … The real Beyonce was replaced. She now has the demonic 1 to do her bidding.”

She concluded her anti-Bey rant with this cherry on top of the batsh-t sundae:

“Vaccinated people are really weak, subservient and obedient drones. It’s us against them! … I am serious! Vaccines causes mutations in your DNA that turns you gay!”

Yes, now that Azealia Banks has been booted off Twitter, Tila Tequila is officially the Troll Queen of the Internet.

Long may she reign.

On second thought, if she could just go ahead and STFU, that would be great.