Teresa Giudice: PREGNANT With Fifth Child?!

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Back in December, Teresa Giuidice was released from prison after serving nearly a full year for bankruptcy fraud.

Her husband, Joe Giudice, recently began serving 41-months for similar charges, but for a few glorious weeks between sentences, the Giudices were both free and living as man and wife. And it looks like they may have taken full advantage of their time together.

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Several sources are now claiming that Teresa is pregnant with her fifth child - a kid that may be readying for preschool by the time Joe is released from prison.

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you know that Joe has expressed his desire for a son (He and Teresa currently have four daughters.) several times over the years.

Teresa will be in her late 40s by the time Joe is released from prison, so it's possible the couple saw this as their last opportunity to try for a male offspring.

One insider tells Star magazine that Teresa appeared to be knocked up during a recent event to promote her new memoir.

“I immediately thought she looked pregnant. I mean, she’s showing. She’s probably just around three months," the source said.

Others who are close with the couple, however, have expressed skepticism.

After all, Teresa and Joe are both in their 40s, and their youngest child was reportedly conceived via IVF.

So if the Giudices really did manage to get pregnant after just a few weeks together, it would be something of a miraculous conception.

Whatever the case, the road ahead is sure to be rocky for a number of reasons.

Joe and Teresa remain deeply in debt, and there's been talk that the upcoming season of RHONJ could be the final one, which would eliminate the family's primary source of income.

Add to that the fact that Joe may be deported after his sentence is over (He was born in Italy and never became an American citizen.) and you realize that the Giudices would have to be a bit off to want to bring a baby into the mix.

Of course, they've never been the most stable couple on Bravo, so we're not ruling anything out.

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