Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: Pages Turnt, Exes Burnt

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On Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 11, Jenelle Evans' medical problems resulted in conflict (big shocker) with outspoken mother Barbara.

When Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 11 got underway, the Carolina Hurricane's "numb fingers" and "uncontrollable body jerks" returned.

Her past heroin addiction certainly could be a factor.

"It's just scary to even go to sleep anymore," Evans, in the ER, told her boyfriend, David Eason. "I just feel like I'm slowly dying."

Tests concluded that Jenelle's nervous and muscular systems are A-OK, but she was still quite worried, as she told her mom Barbara.

"I'm having night terrors where I'm crying in my sleep," she said. "I have bad dreams ... like, last night I had a dream that David died."

That's not weird at all. Moreover, "one night, I had a dream that Kaiser had brain surgery, and he had staples all throughout his skull."

Babs' response is that perhaps she shouldn't watch The Walking Dead online at all hours. But what did her actual doctors recommend?

Anxiety medication. But Jenelle knows it runs deeper.

"I was addicted in the past, to not really painkillers, but actually the purest form: heroin," Evans poured her heart out to David.

"I'm never gonna be addicted to any drug ever again, and I will make sure of it. And I don't smoke anymore, and I'm trying to get Jace back."

"I'm not going back to that."

She'd better be strong. Jenelle and Barbara got into another epic fight THIS WEEK about the latter's lack of support for her problems.

Meanwhile, Nathan Griffith and his new girlfriend are causing plenty of tension for Jenelle as well, and he's filing for custody of Kaiser.

Buckle your seat belts.

You don't need to watch Teen Mom 2 online to know that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are not in a good place, and haven't been.

By now, we know about the Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin divorce, but on MTV what we're seeing is the behind-the-scenes prelude.

She told her friends:

"It's rough, it's hard. [Deployment is] a lot harder on him than I thought it would be. He doesn't feel supported … we lose things to talk about."

"His day-to-day is the same, we have been fighting," Lowry admitted. "Right now I feel like is the time for me to focus on myself."

Kailyn even opened up to Jo Rivera, her original baby daddy and longtime Javi nemesis, about what's going on with the couple.

"Javi and I have been dealing with some stuff while he's been deployed, and it's been way harder than I ever anticipated," Kailyn said. 

"It kinda makes me nervous for a lot of things."

For good reason. Miranda Simms and Leah Messer, speaking of weird love and parenting triangles, can relate to that aspect a bit.

"I do care for them and try to give them the best life when they are here," Miranda said in response to last week's Backpack Gate.

"But it really bothers me you are claiming you have some sort of sneaky video of me because I have absolutely nothing to hide."

Leah waited a day to respond.

"A year ago before treatment, when Miranda texted me, I would have responded immediately," she said, trying to keep it civil.

"I would have gotten bitchy right back, I would have gotten defensive right back … It's just gonna make it 10 times worse …"

"She is playing a mother role to my children," Leah acknowledged, "so I think we should have some kinda friendship."

Even Corey was impressed by Leah and Miranda's efforts, and the three made plans to attend co-parenting counseling.

"Miranda and I, ever since you've gotten back [from rehab], we've seen a big change," Corey told his former spouse.

"That's why it was the way it was … You took everything as an attack towards you, and that's not really how it was."

All in all, it's impressive to see how they handled things. Here's hoping cooler heads prevail and they can all move forward together.

As for the man who needs no introduction, Adam Lind?

As we know, Adam ditched Aubree's father-daughter dance and this week, Chelsea Houska told Adam's parents what a flake he is.

"His parents were like, 'Yeah, we didn't know anything about that,'" Chelsea said. "We're just so glad he has [fiance] Cole in her life."

"I got in the car, and I cried to Cole. I felt like they gave me approval. They're glad that Aubree has Cole in her life."

As if that weren't sad enough, Aubree actually asked Adam, while hanging out with him at a weight competition, why he ditched her.

"Because I had to do this," he said, pointing to the half-empty gym which is clearly more important than his own daughter.

Thank goodness for Cole, indeed.

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