Soko: Kristen Stewart Stole My Look!!!

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Last week, Kristen Stewart and Soko broke up after just a few weeks of dating, and by all accounts, the relationship did not end on good terms.

Kristen Stewart: 2016 Costume Institute Gala
Soko Photo

Most of those accounts come from Soko herself, who publicly accused Kristen of cheating on more than one occasion.

Both women were at Cannes this week, and Kristen caused a stir amongst fashionistas by rocking a look that can only be described as "'80s mall vampire catches pink eye":

Kristen Stewart: Pink Eye at Cannes

Some would say it's a look that only Kristen could pull off.

But not Soko. 

No, Soko would take the opportunity to remind us that in her pink-rimmed eyes, Kristen is pure lip-biting, hair-touching evil.

You see, Kristen claims that she is the originator of the infected raccoon-eye look, and K-Stew is totes biting her style:

Soko Tweet

Soko's coming off as a bit batsh-t these days, but on this particular point, it's hard to argue with the evidence. 

Here she is at a Cannes event earlier this week:

Soko at Cannes

As you can see, Soko does appear to have rocked the look first, but hey, it's not like she licensed it, right?

Something tells us her latest outburst has less to do with Kristen's makeup and more to do with the fact that it appears Stewart is back together with Alicia Cargile, whom she dated just before Soko.

Yes, it seems that when it comes to her love life, Kristen is as cold-blooded as she is as she is...actually, being cold-blooded is kinda her signature trait, so we don't really have a point of comparison.

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