Soko: Kristen Stewart Is a CHEATER!!!

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Last week, Kristen Stewart and French singer Soko broke up after just a few weeks of dating. 

Kristen Stewart for Fashion Week
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You'd think that after such a short time together, the split would've been fairly amicable.

However, that is very, very much not the case, as Soko went off on K-Stew on social media shortly after news of their split went public.

She started off by posting (and quickly deleting) a tweet that read simply, “CHEATER. F—king CHEATER.” 

Not exactly subtle stuff.

Sure, she didn't mention Kristen by name, but it seems pretty clear that she's talking about the person she just broke up with.

And if you somehow still missed the message, don't worry - Soko went into even greater detail on Instagram:

"I will marry the strongest and most reliable of them all, one that doesn't cheat, one that isn't deceitful, one that is stable," she wrote.

"One that is romantic and caring and loving and kind, a real person, one that will be on my team ... one whose heart doesn't disappoint and who knows how to live a good, healthy and simple life."

Our hearts go out to Soko, but LOL at her hurling insults at Kristen as though the girl has human feelings.

At this very moment she's probably chewing on her bottom lip, touching her hair, and making sex eyes at whoever's directing her latest movie. (Don't worry, she's done shooting the Woody Allen flick. She's too old for him, anyway.)

We kid, obviously.

In actuality, Stewart is oozing indifference in her new interview with Variety:

"I'm not hiding s--t. When I was dating a guy, I would never talk about my relationships," she tells the mag. "I feel the same way now.

"Me not defining it right now is the whole basis of what I'm about. If you don't get it, I don't have time for you."

Yeah, get with the times, people!

There's more to Kristen than just lesbian relationships and Bella Swan!

Watch the Clouds of Sils Maria and get some culture for a change! It's got Kristen in a thong and some heavily implied girl-on-girl action!

That's not what we were supposed to take away from that interview, is it?

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