Rachael Ray: This Whole "Becky" Thing is Hilarious!

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What a lark!

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Celebrity chef Rachael Ray was initially targeted as "Becky with the good hair," a lyric from Beyonce's new single, "Sorry" that alludes to her husband, Jay-Z's alleged infidelities.

After designer Rachel Roy sent out an Instagram teasing that she might be "Becky," fans went crazy.

The only problem?  They targeted the wrong Rachael.  

[It was] hilarious," Ray told Us Weekly on May 10th in New York.

"I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? I'm even mentioned in the same sentence as these people? That's insane. That's awesome.’” 

Ray does understand, however, that she got herself tangled up in a love triangle simple by sharing a name with "the other woman."

Granted, Ray and Roy spell their first names differently, but details schmetails. 

“I think honestly that it was really much more uncomfortable for the rest of the people in that group than for me. I was like, ‘I'm mixed in with all of those peeps?! What the hell?!’”

"I mean, it's so far removed from my life," Ray adorably pointed out. "I'm a cook. I have a little talk show. We chit-chat."

There's absolutely no bad blood between Ray and Roy.  In fact, the fashion designer sent the chef a little something as an apology for getting her involved in the hottest mess of 2016.

“Rachel [Roy] sent me flowers and I sent her a bottle, a big bottle of wine and a straw,” Ray told the magazine. 

“[I was going to send Roy] Brunello di Montalcino, where I was married, but I said for our office to ask her office if she drinks red and if she didn't drink red, to send Grande Dame."


“So I don't know actually which one she got. I wrote the card and she got the straw and the booze.”

Roy may need that straw, because last week it was revealed that her email was hacked, which could result in her personal correspondence to both Jay-Z and other married men - with whom she's had relations - to go public.

"She has no idea how they’ve been swiped but is aware how much harm they can cause," a source told The Sun.

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