Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne SPLIT After 33 Years of Marriage: Did He Cheat?

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Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne have split up after 33 years of marriage, a new report claims.

The Osbournes

The rocker agreed to move out of the Beverly Hills home they share after Sharon caught him cheating with celebrity hairstylist Michelle Pugh, a source told The Sun.

While Ozzy has battled a nearly lifelong addiction to drugs and alcohol, insiders insist that it did not play a role in the breakup as the singer has remained sober for three years.

“Sharon went ballistic with Ozzy and accused him of having the affair," revealed the source.

“She said she had suspected something had been going on for some time and now had proof.

“People are wondering whether Sharon went through Ozzy’s phone before accusing him.

“She has done that before but in the past she was checking if he’d been using drugs.

“Ozzy was extremely sheepish and admitted being close to Michelle.

“It is likely Sharon has discovered calls and possibly meetings.”

Amid the crisis, Pugh canceled appointments and called off work for what she referred to as a "personal emergency."

Neither Ozzy, Sharon nor their three children Aimee, Kelly or Jack have spoken publicly about the split.

Whether divorce is imminent is still unknown.

The couple hit a rough patch in 2013 when Ozzy fell off the wagon and started using again.

But they were committed to their union and managed to work through their troubles.

"We're not getting divorced," Sharon said at the time. "However, am I happy? No. Am I upset? Yes I am. I'm devastated right now."

Then earlier this year, Sharon admitted that she'd caught Ozzy cheating in the past - with their children's nannies.

She dismissed his behavior and forgave him, however, explaining that he was too high to know what was going on.

It's hard to believe that after all these years of putting up with Ozzy's substance abuse and cheating that Sharon would end things now.

Perhaps this affair is more serious than the others, or maybe she's just finally had enough.

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