Nyle DiMarco: Could He Be the Next Bachelor??

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Fresh off his first place win earlier this week on Dancing With the Stars, Nyle DiMarco is already considering another turn in the spotlight.

Nyle DiMarco in a tux

It would appear that reality TV really is his bag, as the former America's Next Top Model winner is already contemplating joining The Bachelor.

"I mean, I don't know. Let's see if they reach out to me and see what happens," the star, who is deaf, told Us Weekly.

"We'll see what happens," he added. "I think it's funny because it would be kind of awkward to have an interpreter involved during the whole thing."

Aww, that could be cute to see the contestants try to learn sign language, like that scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral when the cute deaf guy asked the girl to dance and she signed, "That would be mice."

But DiMarco makes a good point:

"[The fantasy suite] would be a triangle," he joked.

Oof. Yeah, that could get awkward.

However, DiMarco is single, and his identification as sexually fluid could really spice things up on the dating show, which has been running for 20 seasons.

The Bachelor franchise has come under fire for lack of diversity in the past.

Earlier this year, ABC addressed the possibility of casting a black bachelor in the role, but no confirmation was made.

Could DiMarco be the first deaf, sexually fluid Bachelor?

Prior to his mirror ball trophy win, the handsome star dedicated his final DWTS performance to the deaf community, particularly hearing impaired children.

"There's about 70 million deaf people in the world and only two percent have access to education and 75 percent of parents don't sign to their deaf kids," he said.

"The show has made me realize how I can impact other lives," he continued. "It's not really about me. It's about the millions of deaf people that live."

I bet there'd be tons of ladies willing to accept a rose from that charmer.

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