Nia Guzman to Chris Brown: You're Just an "Instagram Dad!"

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Today is the second birthday of Royalty Brown.

And what did her parents get her for this special occasion?

An intense feud over social media. How generous of them, right?!?

Nia Guzman, Daughter
Chris Brown Baby Montage

Earlier this week, Brown went off on Guzman for dressing little Royalty in what he deemed to be far too adult of an outfit.

Because Brown is a violent and angry person who once bludgeoned the face of Rihanna, we tend to disagree with him on most things in life.

But we actually think he made a decent point when he wrote the following on Guzman's page in response to THIS PICTURE.

"It's crazy to me that a parent would OK dressing our daughter like she 16. I ain't cool wit that. She is 2!!!!"

Granted, Brown made this point in public, on social media, instead of simply having a conversation with his child's mother about it. But still.

In turn, Guzman has now also taken to the Internet and absolutely blasted Brown as a father.

‘You are so f-cking lost in life and it’s sad," she wrote yesterday.

"I’ve done nothing but be a mother to our child. A mother wanting protection and wanting proper child support is not wrong. You are one sad individual, literally.”

Not figuratively, folks. Guzman is saying that Brown is truly sad.

Happy Birthday, Royalty!

Brown just won pretty big in a legal battle with Guzman, as a judge ruled the parents will continue to share custody of Royalty.

The artist is permitted to see his daughter up to 12 days a month without supervision.

But Guzman wants the universe to know that Brown may post many photos of his kid online (see above)... but it takes more than that to be a real father.

"I’m a damn good mother and can’t nobody say sh-t in that department," she added.

"It’s sad that you’re an Instagram dad! Your mother is her father. Your mother does it all! You do sh-t!  

"I had her with your mother. That’s facts!”

That's not a fact, no. But the strong point is taken.

And "Instagram Dad" is our new favorite insult.

We can't wait to see how Brown responds to this diss. Let's hope he lets his social media account do the talking and not his fists.

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