Michelle Duggar: SLAMMED For Misidentifying Daughter on Facebook!

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Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are famous for having an absurd number of children (19 to be exact), and it seems that the sheer size of their brood sometimes results in parenting...mistakes.

Duggars Wave Goodbye

No, we're not talking about them letting Josh Duggar do what he did (Although seriously - who was supposed to be watching that kid?!).

We're actually referring to the family's latest Facebook post, which contained a fairly major error:

Jennifer Duggar Image

The photo above was uploaded on Saturday with a caption reading:

"Looks like Jordyn is getting some good practice."

Some folks took issue with the fact that that's not the safest way to use a sewing machine.

Others objected to the idea of a little girl "practicing" to become the ideal housewife.

But the most common complaint was a simple and inarguable one:

The child in the photo is not Jordyn Duggar; it's her older sister Jennifer.

Needless to say, it's a seriously embarrassing gaffe, especially since the Duggars have made a career out of their "family first" ethos, and have boasted for years that they maintain a connection with their fans by managing their social media accounts personally.

In all likelihood, Michelle Duggar is able to identify her own children, and the mistake was made by the person she pays to manage her Facebook page.

Not quite as embarrassing, but still not a good look for a woman who have us believe she lives a life quiet simplicity.

The Internet being the Internet, Facebook commenters were quick to pounce on the error:

“Whoever runs this page at least needs to know which Duggar is which. That’s Jennifer not Jordyn,” wrote one commenter.

"If I had 19 kids with the same letter, I'd mix up too," wrote a fan who's either more forgiving or a master of the art of subtle shade.

Like we said, it's certainly not the worst thing to happen to the Duggars in the past year, but it's another crack in their increasingly fragile facade.

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