Leah Messer Defends Self in Iconic, Inspirational Twitter Essay: I'm Not a Nun, I'm a Classy Mom!

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This year has been a difficult one for Leah Messer, as you know all too well if you watch Teen Mom 2 online or read celebrity gossip.

Yet all of the criticism and life challenges she's faced - and overcome - have made her stronger, Messer writes in an epic Twitter essay.

Messer Calvert, Leah Dawn

The 24-year-old mom of three is embroiled in an ongoing custody battle with one ex-husband, while going through a divorce with another.

Her issues with Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert are well documented, along with her daughter Ali's weight loss and health problems.

Every single Teen Mom 2 episode (and day in the celebrity news world) seems to feature a new example of Leah being a bad mom.

Whether it’s getting the kids to school late, texting and/or smoking and driving, or letting Adalynn eat from a can of icing, she can do no right.

And yet, Messer insists she is in a “beautiful place” now, thanks in large part to a stronger relationship with God ... and her life coach.

She wrote all about it in this epic Twitter essay urging her legion of followers to “Pay My Grammar NO MIND - Just simply give me time.”

Messer added that she is #‎GettingBETTEReveryday and that we all should have #Patience or at least strive to do so as our life's mission.

The reality star went on to describe the meaning of her tattoos, where she draws inspiration from and how she plans to improve spiritually.

Here is the full text of what Leah said (as documented by Starcasm) beginning with this “I’m not a nun, I’m a mom” pic that she also shared: 

I'm a Mom Not a Nun

"This is actually the first time I’ve said much about me or my life because you see me on TV or hear BS Teen Mom/Small Town Gossipers."

"But you will realize how I proudly choose to be above all the BS w/ any of it. Mainly because I know God has a greater plan for myself!"

"What everyone automatically wants to pass judgement, lie, and/or assume about myself or Journey really doesn’t even matter."

"As long as God knows my [heart]. At the end of the day, HIS judgement is what truly matters!Any how, back to the picture quote I reposted."

"It is so true! I prefer to be a classy mom! (: I loveee loveeeeee my tattoos. Matter of fact, Each one has a special meaning behind them."

"Example: My daughters names. They are all professionally done. I also like being able to cover them during interviews, public speakings, etc."

"The point in posting this is …. Drum rolls. Haha…. We as “MOMS” don’t have to live by someone else’s criteria. We should live up to our own criteria."

"Who and what we wanna be and achieve! You have to …. Live up to your own standard!!! We have to create our own journey."

"Be DIFFERENT and EMBRACE whatever we go through. I’ve learned so many things in the past year that has turned my life completely around for the best!"

Inspiring words to be sure. Messer then went on to describe to fans the "3 things that I have learned that I plan helping others learn."

What kind of things is she talking about - and could she resist taking a shot at MTV for what she claims is unfair editing of her existence?

We know Messer is fed up and threatening to quit Teen Mom 2, but she sounds resigned to the fact that this is the only life she knows ...

"1. How to maintain and grow a magnificent relationship with God. I’ve found a different growth in my relationships with him like NEVER before. It’s truly inspirational and amazing! I’m in love."

"2. Taking time to just LIVE IN EACH AND EVERY MOMENT/DAY/SECOND of my life with my beautiful little girls. That are of course the best things that’s ever happened to me!"

"#‎ExtremelyBlessed #‎AAA #‎HOPE #‎GRACE #‎FAITH! I only THOUGHT my relationship with my daughters was quite remarkable before."

"The relationship I have with my girls now is quite magical and amazing to feel!"

"3. I’ve learned How to take care of myself: MENTALLY PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY & by having a Life coach like Lindsay Rielly."

"Through the @liveyourstandard program, this has been the best experience of my life and has completely changed my life."

"God KNEW what he was doing when he brought YOU into my life, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for our future!"

"You’re more than my manager, and Friend!"

"You have already taught me so much and how to love myself, be the best of myself, be a better mother, and most importantly that everything you have taught me is teaching me to be a Beautiful, Classy, successful, and empowering woman."

"In return I will teach my daughters as well as others! You with the help of God have opened my eyes to what I want, need, and where one day I will be."

"As a child I was never taught this and when my mom was a child she was never taught this."

"My personal experience was totally opposite. I put everyone and everything before myself."

"This is also why in some ways I am GRATEFUL for MTV through all of their BS, and I’ve never said that its ALL bs."

"MTV does get real sh!t, and then they have to twist sh!t or whatever they do. We all know it happens and it’s going to happen."

"I know it will get better, and I can’t wait for everyone that does follow my story and can see through whatever editing is done to see what a beautiful place I am in now, and that God walked me through some pretty difficult times for a very good reason!"

"So I do have a somewhat Bitter/Sweet relationship with some of them. It would actually be kinda hard living any other life now."

In closing, she thanked her "team" of close friends and associates who have played such an important roll [sic] to her success:

"I appreciate you guys! I also just want to THANK everyone that DID support me and rooted for me! We need more people just like you in this world!"

"#‎BeYourBest #‎LoveYourself #‎LiveYourStandard"

"#‎LetsChangeTheWorld #‎LetsMakeADifference"

Here's hoping Leah backs these words up with actions and becomes every bit the woman she aspires to be in this moving masterpiece.

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