Leah Messer: Custody Rights Threatened By "Disturbing Video"?!

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Back in November, Leah Messer regained custody of her eldest daughters following a lengthy legal battle with ex-husband Corey Simms. 


In the months since, Leah and Corey have been surprisingly successful as co-parents, which makes the description for an upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2 all the more puzzling.

The episode, entitled "Choose Your Battles," doesn't air until May 23, but MTV has already released the usual vague synopsis, and Leah's storyline has TM2 fans buzzing with anticipation:

"Kailyn works on her relationship with Vee; Cole takes Aubree to a father-daughter dance; Jenelle seeks help in New York for mysterious medical ailments; and Leah and Corey’s co-parenting is shattered by a disturbing video."

What could possibly be on that "disturbing video" that would threaten the ex-couple's current arrangement?

We're guessing it involves Leah getting caught engaging in some sort of bad behavior, but what has she not already done on camera?

We've seen the girl so high on prescription painkillers that she passed out while holding a baby.

We've seen her texting and driving while simultaneously yelling at her kids in the backseat.

We've even seen her rush her daughters off to school without breakfast and yell at them when they complain that they're hungry.

So what could this "disturbing video" possibly contain that would suddenly cause Corey to question Leah's competency as a parent.

Aside from her attempting to sell the kids to a traveling carnival, we really can't imagine what it might be.

On a lighter note, at least Jenelle's mysterious medical ailment is getting some attention.

That girl's got enough problems without adding "mystery illness" to the list.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to get caught up in time for what sounds like a pretty epic installment.

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