Lamar Odom: Friends Fear He Will Relapse Soon

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It's no surprise that he has an addictive personality, and until he commits to recovery, it's unlikely that Lamar Odom can drink alcohol without the risk of wanting to use drugs.

Lamar Odom on KUWTK

A bold statement, I know.  

I'm no addiction specialist, but I'm familiar enough with it to know that temptation is a nasty, nasty beast.

After an overdose at a Nevada brothel nearly killed him, Lamar Odom has made incredible strides in his recovery.

Odom has appeared on the last few episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and viewers notice that he doesn't seem 100% there.  

Even in February, when Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian tried to explain to him what happened while the entire family was in New York for Kanye West's fashion show, Odom didn't seem to fully grasp how grave is condition had been.

"Since the Vegas overdose, Lamar's mental faculties have been really messed up," a source told Radar Online.

"Lamar is mentally unstable. He doesn't know what he is doing."

What's worse, he's "drinking in public and at home too," the source added.

"It seems like he doesn't even understand that he can't drink or do drugs again.  It's like he forgot how close he was to death, and just thinks everything is fine again.

"But it isn't, and everyone is really scared about him."

The source explained that Odom does have a team of men around him "at all times to make sure that he doesn't go overboard," but the former NBA star "just doesn't listen.

That, combined with the fact that he's not sure where he stands romantically with Khloe Kardashian make things very confusing.

"Everything is up in the air for him," the source said. 

"Lamar's friends and business associates know he's a mess right now. They want him to go to rehab before it is too late, but he just won't listen," the source said. 

"Everyone is worried about him. They're afraid he will do drugs or drink too much and that will really kill him.

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