Lamar Odom: DESPERATE to Win Khloe Kardashian Back Before Divorce is Final!

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Last week, at long last, Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar Odom for a second time.

Khloe and Lamar: 19th Annual Race to Erase MS

As you may recall, Khloe first submitted divorce papers in 2013, but canceled them after Lamar was hospitalized following an overdose at a Nevada brothel last year.

After standing by Lamar's side all throughout his recovery (and rumors that they were rekindling their romance), Khloe finally decided to pull the trigger and re-file.

Lamar was supposedly aware she'd be making the move, but a new report claims he intends to win her back before the divorce is finalized.

“Lamar’s cool with Khloe filing," a source told HollywoodLife.

"He knew she was going to be doing it, and he’s cool as a cucumber.”

“He’s not losing Khloe," the source added. "He’s got six months to win her back, and that’s exactly what he’s planning to do to get that divorce off the table once and for all.”

And what might his grand scheme involve? Staying sober and behaving himself.

“He’s not going to do any grand gestures like buy her sh*t," explained the source. "She’s got all the money in the world and can do that herself."

"He’s really going to work on himself, attempt to stop drinking and clean up his act majorly so she can see him in a better light."

When Lamar was released from the hospital, fans assumed he and Khloe were back together, as they were spotted hanging out on numerous occasions, including family gatherings.

But when Khloe found out Lamar was partying again, she came back to the reality that she'd never be able to "fix" him.

However, a recent report claims that the real reason Khloe pulled the plug is because she wanted to have kids, and didn't think it was possible with Lamar given his issues with substance abuse.

But according to this source, Lamar is not deterred.

"They’ve got that up and down love, but at the end of the day, they’re always going to be together," added the source. "That’s how Lamar feels about Khloe. In the end, she will be his wife.”

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