Kylie Jenner: "Heartbroken," Depressed Over Split From Tyga

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It didn't exactly come as a huge shock when we learned that Kylie and Tyga had finally called it quits for good.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Get Papped!

Not only has their relationship been plagued by breakup rumors and various other drama from the start, but relationships that begin while you're in high school don't typically end in marriage (at least north of the Mason-Dixon Line).

Anyway, it's officially official now - Tyga and Kylie are dunzo, and on the surface it looks as though they've both had very little trouble moving on. 

Kylie's been hanging out with PartyNextDoor (aka the guy who beat out The Weeknd for this year's Dumbest Hip Hop Artist Stage Name Award).

Meanwhile, Tyga's been hooking up with Demi Rose (aka the slightly more age-appropriate Kylie Jenner).

However, some sources are claiming that Kylie's partying (right next door, apparently) is all for show, and the 18-year-old is actually still devastated about the end of her first serious relationship.

But even though she's accutely experiencing the pain of first heartbreak, sources say Kylie has zero interest in giving Tyga a second chance.

“Kylie does not know how to handle this, or what to do," a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

"But she does know that she never wants anything to do with Tyga again.

“Kylie has really been a complete mess this past week,” the source adds.

"She tries to pretend like she is this fearless human being and that nothing can faze her. But, in actuality, she just got her heart broken by the first love of her life.”

The insider adds that Kylie is making her feelings known to her ex by cutting ties financially:

“She is taking back everything she ever gave him and she has already cancelled all of the credit cards in her name that he had access to,” says the insider.

“She does not want the jewelry he gave her any more. She wants no trace of him in her life.”

Kylie's family, of course, is not so heartbroken, as it's no secret that they didn't like Tyga from the start.

And the way he's handling the breakup hasn'y exactly endeared T-Raww to the rest of the Kard clan:

“Everyone knew that this was going to happen and no one liked Tyga from day one," says the source.

"The fact that he has been flaunting other women around so soon after the breakup is just completely disrespectful and it is making this situation much worse for Kylie.”

Sounds like that's one D-lister who's been exiled from Kardashian Land for good.

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