Kristen Stewart: Twilight Kind of Ruined My Life!

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Unlike most of her co-stars, Kristen Stewart has managed to carve out a solid film career for herself.

Kristen Stewart: 'Cafe Society' Photocall in Cannes

It was a bumpy start (The Runaways was terrible), but Stewart found success with Snow White and The Huntsman, Still Alice and American Ultra.

This past week, Stewart premiered her new film, Woody Allen's Cafe Society, at the Cannes Film Festival alongside Allen and co-stars Jesse Eisenberg, Corey Stoll and Blake Lively.

During press calls for Society, Stewart spoke candidly about her jarring rise to fame after the first Twilight premiered in 2008.

"I got really exceedingly famous at 17, and at 17 you don’t really know how to interact with more than a couple of people.

"You’re trying to figure it out. Who are you? What do I seem like? Can I affect that? Should I think about that?" Stewart explained, according to The Guardian.

"So then when it’s thrust at you and that conversation is owned by the masses and not just you or the closest people to you it kickstarts this weird thought process that is really unnatural.”

Fans were obsessed over her relationship with co-star, Robert Pattison and it felt as though the world imploded in 2012 when Stewart was caught having an affair with Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

The fall-out was horrendous, since Sanders was married to model Liberty Bell, and Stewart was still dating Pattinson.

Stewart said she "really shut down" as a result of everything.  Being thrust into the public eye so young took its tool on her.

"I was so guarded. And that really doesn’t provide a fully- lived life," she explained.

"There are ways to interact with media and there are ways to interact with the public and, beyond that, just human beings. Because those are all very different things.

“So I’ve found this balance of ignoring the things I find worthless and really letting in the stuff that feels human and that is by not hiding and being honest.”

Stewart recently broke up with singer Soko, whom she avoided last night at the festival's Vanity Fair party.  The actress refuses to put a label on her sexuality.

"Me not defining it right now is the whole basis of what I’m about,” she told Variety.

“If you don’t get it, I don’t have time for you.”

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