Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile: Back Together!

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Kristen Stewart may be ready to put Twilight behind her for good, but these days, her love life is every bit as dramatic as anything that went on between Edward and Bella.

Kristen Stewart Smiling

As recently as last month, Kristen was dating a French singer named Soko.

They broke up at some point in the past few weeks, and Soko did not take it well.

In fact, she took to social media to tell the whole world that Kristen is a cheater.

So who was K-Stew (allegedly) being unfaithful with?

Well, if these pics from her recent red carpet appearance at Cannes are any indication, it seems she's had a hard time distancing herself from her most recent ex, Alicia Cargile:

Kristen Stewart With Alicia Cargile!

As you may recall, Kristen and Alicia dated for several months last year, and it looks as though they want the world to know they've reconnected.

It's worth noting that Stewart and Cargile were friends for a long time before they became romantically involved, and Alicia even worked as Kristen's assistant for a while.

So it's possible that these two aren't officially back together, but at the same time ... we doubt they're keeping it 100% platonic.

Exes generally don't vacay in the South of France together without something going down.

So did Kristen get busted cheating on Soko with Alicia?

Well, there's no hard evidence, but when a relationship goes up in flames and the one who was accused of sleeping around is suddenly hanging with her ex again...

Let's just say you don't have to be Columbo to piece that one together.

Yes, it seems the only thing reliable about Kristen in a relationship is the fact that she will probably cheat at some point.

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