Kim Kardashian Sex Tape: Version 2.0 on the Way?

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Kim Kardashian recently promised to snap nude selfies for as long as she lives.

But what about making nude amateur adult movies?

Kim and Kanye at the MET

As in: might another Kim Kardashian sex tape be on the way?!?

The chances seem remote, considering Kim is already rich and famous and not in need of making a name for herself via this extreme measure again.

But The National Enquirer is claiming Kim actually starred in a new sex tape opposite Kanye West WITHOUT BEING AWARE OF IT.

This occurred, allegedly, while the couple vacationed in Cuba earlier this month.

According to the rarely-reliable tabloid, it has “exclusively learned of another sex-packed Kim Kardashian home video.”

The tabloid explains Kardashian was unknowingly “caught on film” having a “romp with Kanye” in Havana, a dubious assertion that is detailed as follows:

“The steamy skin flick takes place in Cuba, where the communist government is known to secretly bug and videotape high-profile visitors in their hotel rooms."

Kim and her sisters were recently in that country to film an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So that part is at least true.

But were she and West really “caught enjoying their hot Havana nights,” as the newspaper alleges?

The Enquirer goes on to get all official, quoting Cuban-American author Humberto Fontova, who says it is “modus operandi” for the island nation’s government to pull this kind of thing.

Not only would Cuban officials be capable of such nefarious business, they would go out of their way to “videotape famous visitors for the purpose of blackmail.”

Adds the sketchy publication:

“The Cuban regime has the goods on just about every celebrity who has visited the island since Fidel Castro took over in 1959,” adds the publication.

If Cuba is really going to blackmail Kim Kardashian with a sex tape, this will quickly become our favorite story ever.

It's even better the Iranian government believing Kardashian is a secret agent.

Sadly, we somehow doubt the veracity of this report, even if The National Enquirer has occasionally proven to be correct.

We'll be the first to admit we're mistaken and to celebrate if there really is another Kim Kardashian sex tape out there.

But don't get your hopes, or any body parts, up for it, fellas. Lower expectations and you won't be as disappointed later.

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