Kaley Cuoco STICKS IT to Ryan Sweeting in Divorce Settlement!

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Even though Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting got divorced after less than two years of marriage, it was widely believed that the former tennis pro would make out like a bandit in terms of spousal support.

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting: Not Smiling!

After all, it was just a few months after their wedding that Kaley signed a $90 million contract for three more seasons of The Big Bang Theory, thus making her one of the highest paid actresses in TV history.

Unfortunately for the unemployed Mr. Sweeting, it seems Kaley spent a large chunk of that fortune on hiring the best divorce lawyers money can buy.

TMZ is reporting today that Sweeting will get next to nothing from Cuoco thanks to an ironclad prenup.

In fact, it seems that all of the cash in that record-breaking contract will remain in Kaley's bank account.

That's right - Ryan won't see a cent of the sweet TBBT money that'll allow Kaley to retire at 35 if she wants to.

Instead, Sweeting walks away with a lump sum payment of $165,000 and whatever "cash and gift certificates" are already in his possession.

Kaley has also agreed to pay the $195,000 bill for his two personal trainers.

Sounds like a decent deal by regular non-celebrity standards, but you have to remember that Ryan probably thought he would never have to work again.

$165,000 is a nice chunk of change, but it's not "go live out the rest of your days playing shuffleboard in Cabo" money.

The fact that Kaley sicced her legal team on Sweerting in such ruthless fashion has been taken by some as an indication that the split wasn't as amicable as the ex-couple initially pretended.

Whatever the case, we think it's safe to say Ryan will probably no longer watch The Big Bang Theory online after the settlement is finalized.

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