Kaley Cuoco: Already MOVING IN With Karl Cook?!

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Back in late March, a guy named Karl Cook started popping up on Kaley Cuoco's Instagram page.

Kaley Cuoco nuzzles Karl Cook

At first, we thought it was Kaley's idea of an April Fools' prank.

Like, "Hey, I'm dating a dude who's basically a male version of me, right down to the blonde hair, love of horses, and damn near identical names."

(Cuoco means "Cook" in Italian.)

It wouldn't be the world's most hysterical practical joke, but this is a girl whose idea of a good gag is making fans think she cut her hair shorter than usual.

She's not exactly this generation's greatest prank master, is what we're saying.

Anyway, we no know that Kaley and Karl are really dating.

In fact, "dating" doesn't really do this relationship justice.

These two are moving at such a breakneck speed that it's like they're involved in some sort of Duggar-style pre-marriage courtship arrangement.

Insiders tell Star magazine that they're concerned with the foolish way that Kaley and Karl are rushing into this thing, and they were shocked to learn that Kaley has asked Karl to move in with her.

"No one can believe it,” a source tells the tabloid. “They’ve only been dating for a couple of months.” 

If you've followed Kaley's love life at all, you know that this is her M.O. and she's been burned by it in the past, most notably and she married Ryan Sweeting after just a few months of dating.

The actress wound up filing for divorce after less than two years.

“Sure, Karl’s a decent guy and nothing at all like Ryan, but this is crazy,” says Kaley's anonymous friend. “Did she learn nothing?”

On the plus side, Karl comes from money, so he's probably not after Kaley's loot.

Even so, here's hoping her second prenup is even more iron-clad than the first.

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