Justin Bieber Poses in Underwear, Grabs His Junk

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Justin Bieber must be aware that fans aren't very happy with him these days.

Over the past several weeks, Bieber has canceled all meet-and-greets... stopped posing for selfies with supporters... and given a lackluster Billboard Music Awards performance.

Justin Bieber Torso Pic

So, what did Justin do in order to win back those who might be mad at him right now?

Simple: he took off almost all of his clothing!

In a new, VERY revealing Instagram photo, The Biebs is showing off The Body, posing in nothing but his tight underwear and grabbing his bulging penis while doing so.

Really. You can see for yourself here:

Justin Bieber Penis Touching Pic

Bieber simply captioned the pic with "mycalvins," a reference to his long-time ad campaign on behalf of Calvin Klein.

We're guessing the company is happy to receive such free publicity.

Bieber and his penis, of course, have a long and interesting history on the Internet.

Late last year, a photo of Justin Bieber naked leaked online after a paparazzi member snapped pictures of him on vacation in Bora Bora.

The superstar reacted to the incident with understandable outrage, unlike the Internet, whose reactions you can see below:

However, Bieber is also an underwear model and said in a recent Calvin Klein ad that he was turned on while talking to the camera.

Still, there's a big difference in a celebrity voluntarily shedding articles of clothing, as Justin is doing here, while still keeping his most private part covered up...

... versus a photographer invading his privacy and capturing the bare unit itself for a photo.

What do you think of Bieber's NSFW selfie? Is it too raw? Too raunchy? Or just too gosh darn sexy?

Can you imagine the fallout if Kim Kardashian released the same sort of nearly-nude picture? Is there a double standard at work here?

Or should we just shut up and show you more Justin Bieber shirtless snapshot. Okay then. Sorry...

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