Josh Duggar Returns to Public Eye...In EXTREMELY Inappropriate Place!

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It's been two months since Josh Duggar returned home to Tontitown, Arkansas after half a year of in-patient treatment for his sex and pornography addictions.

Anna, Josh Duggar

In the weeks since his release, Josh has been keeping a low profile, essentially hiding out at the Duggar compound to avoid the prying eyes of his small-town neighbors.

But Josh couldn't stay hidden forever and last week, he finally emerged from seclusion like some sort of latter-day Boo Radley. 

The main difference being, of course, that the local children actually have good reason to be frightened of Josh.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Josh didn't show his face in Tontitown, but instead surfaced 750 miles away in Sevierville, Tennessee.

The venue for his triumphant reemergence? Old MacDonald’s Farm mini-golf course!

Yes, the Duggars chose the most family-friendly place imaginable for Josh's long-awaited-by-no-one return.

Although in fairness, it apparently wasn't their choice.

According to In Touch, the family was reluctant to bring Josh along on a recent road trip, but like owners of an especially aggressive pitbull, they eventually decided they'd be taking a greater risk by leaving him at home.

“They seemed a bit nervous,” a source close to the Duggars tells the tabloid. “But they agreed.”

Not surprisingly, some fellow golfers weren't thrilled by the idea of sharing the mini-links with a known sexual predator.

“Three families with young girls were unhappy Josh was so close to them and left the golf course when they saw him and Jim Bob,” says one witness.

“The parents were not comfortable,” adds another onlooker.

“The staff tried to be as polite as possible to the angry parents, but it seemed there was little they could do to stop Josh from being a customer.”

Apparently, the Duggars were in town for the homeschool graduation of longtime family friends Carlin and Trace Bates of Bringing Up Bates fame.

“I don’t know if Josh and Jim Bob were aware of the problems their presence was causing at the mini-golf course,” one witness tells In Touch.

Oh, we're guessing they were aware.

The Duggars live in a of 2,400 and news that Josh molested five young girls broke almost a year ago.

We're sure the family is quite accustomed to dirty looks by now.

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