Josh Duggar Hasn't Changed Since Rehab, Sources Say

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It's been three months since Josh Duggar returned home after being treated for addictions to sex and pornography at a controversial rehab center in rural Illinois.

Anna, Josh Duggar

Before the now-infamous Josh Duggar sex scandals that led to the cancelation of the reality show that made his family famous, the 28-year-old father of four had a reputation for being a bit on the flashy side.

It doesn't take much to be boisterous by Duggar standards, but Josh seemed to revel in the role, cracking jokes about incest even as  his parents worked to sweep the family's darkest secrets under the rug.

Josh has kept a low profile in his native Tontitown, Arkansas ever since he returned from rehab, but in recent weeks, he's been traveling with his family, and sources say he's been behaving like the same brash braggart they used to know.

Josh first resurfaced at a mini-golf course in Tennessee, where families were shocked to see the disgraced former lobbyist calling attention to himself by posing for selfies.

Shockingly, Josh even exhibited obnoxious behavior when he was in Florida for the funeral of his wife's grandmother last week.

“I was expecting Josh to be much more humble and quiet, a less arrogant person after everything he’d done, but nope,” one witness tells the Daily Mail.

“He was the same old Josh, constantly talking, full of himself, really aggressive and making Anna do everything - not helpful to her at all.”

The source adds that while no official announcement has been made, family members suspect that Josh's wife, Anna Duggar, is currently pregnant with her fifth child.

“It’s the last thing their family needs right now," the insider says.  

Josh just got out of rehab, and considering the family’s financial future is uncertain, the financial burden of a fifth child is the last thing Anna and Josh need.”

It'll be interesting to see how Josh manages to support five kids with no clear career options.

But hopefully the public's curiosity about how he manages won't lead TLC to develop that long-rumored Josh Duggar reality show.

That's about the very last thing the world needs.

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