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Last week, we reported that Jenny Slate and Chris Evans appear to be dating.

Jenny Slate: 'Zootopia' Premiere
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Chris Evans at the People's Choice Awards
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The relationship stirred up a good deal of controversy from the start, as several sources claimed that Slate was still married to Dean Fleischer-Camp when she started her relationship with Evans.

Now, the Internet is once again taking an interest in Slevans as a result of murmurs that Jenny is knocked up with Chris’ baby.

The rumor started over the weekend, when Slate posted a late night tweet about getting sick in the middle of the night.

"I woke up in the middle of the night all sweaty& then barfed for no reason. In conclusion: I’m 7?"

She followed that up with a tweet about her miraculous recovery:

"Yes I was up all night throwing up but now I feel DOUBLE JOY for feeling better& walking through beautiful Brooklyn on a Saturday. Hiyeee!"

With her love of Brooklyn and open discussions about bodily functions, you might think that Slate is simply taking the Lena Dunham approach to social media and trying to score a spinoff for the character she played on Girls.

That may be, but most fans are under the impression that Slate is either pregnant or doing some serious trolling.

“Mini Cap on the way?” one fan tweeted, thus igniting a firestorm of speculation.

Jenny has yet to respond, and this is one of those situations where her silence could speak volumes.

Of course, she and Evans have yet to confirm that they’re dating, so if she is pregnant (big "if," at this point), there’s no guarantee that it’s Evans’.

We’re hoping the rumors are true, but only because we like these two as a couple.

And obviously they’d breed impossibly attractive, witty humans, and the world could always use more of those.