Holly Madison to Kendra Wilkinson: You Don't Even KNOW ME

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This feud between Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson will seriously never end. Not that we're complaining, it's just a little surprising.

Holly Madison and Kendra

With the release of Holly's second book, The Vegas Diaries, Kendra's NSFW quotes / takedowns of her enemy have made headlines.

In defense of Hugh Hefner and Playboy, Kendra called Holly Hef's clean-up girl and said Madison is the freakiest freak in the bedroom.

Those are among Kendra's tamer reactions to her rival.

Following Wilkinson's apology, which could best be described as tepid, Madison is speaking out directly about her former co-star's criticism.

Suffice it to say, she's taking the high road (or trying):

"I didn't really get emotional about it. Obviously, I can go on Twitter and say just as vulgar things about her, but what is that gonna do for me?"

"Nothing. I wasn't talking about her. She was reacting to a headline, which was a headline I wasn't thrilled about."

"When people pull a word that I don't necessarily wanna be associated with and put that in a headline, I get it, it sells magazines."

"But I'm not necessarily thrilled about it either," Holly insists.

"We live in a click-bait world, and it's these crazy headlines."

"But, she still works in that world, she has a different viewpoint on things. I was there a long time before she was, so I saw a lot of things she never saw, too."

"If she wanted to react to the book once, that's fine."

"But it's a year later, I'm not even talking about it."

Of course, she is talking about it, and continued to talk about it, further reacting to the grotesque nature of some of Kendra's remarks:

"It's gross, but I'm used to it."

"Even when I was 11 years old and I moved to Oregon from Alaska, I was taller than the other girls and I was really shy, so that meant I was a slut."

"I'd never even kissed a boy, but that meant I was a slut and I was trying to steal everybody's boyfriends."

"I feel like I've been dealing with that slut-shaming and internet trolls for so long. And when it's coming from her, I have my suspicions."

"[I know[ where it's coming from and it's so hypocritical."

"I feel like I really don't want to lower myself and go there and respond in any way other than, ‘I wish you the best. Bye.'"

Madison believes Kendra is so defensive because one of her reality show producers is really close with Hugh, so it's in her best interest to be.

Either way, Holly says that these days, looking back, she doesn't care about Hef, but not "in a callous way, I just don't care."

"But even after I left the mansion, I realized that the person I'd cared about was so much an invention in my head. I don't know this person."

"I know how he treated me and how he treated the other women when I was there. But I don't know this person in some ways."

"And I just feel like I've moved on and he's moved on so I just can't even imagine having to say anything."

Well, until the next time Kendra runs her mouth.

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