Gigantic Tornado Paves Way for Epic Prom Photo: This. Is. AWESOME!

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We thought we'd see it all when Jaden Smith wore a dress to the prom.

And then we really thought we'd see it all when a few students in Colorado carried some guns and held up the Confederate Flag for their promo photo.

Tornado Prom Photo

But thenĀ Ali Marintzer and her boyfriend, Charlie Bator, came along.

The couple got all dressed up for their big night out, only to pose in one of their backyards and get shown up by Mother Nature.

As you can see above, Ali and Charlie ended up standing in front of a massive tornado, one that makes that twister in The Wizard of Oz look like a wuss.

This natural disaster started as a small funnel... but then quickly developed into a much larger one.

Fortunately, the couple was nearly three miles away and knew they were safe, allowing them to pose for a couple memorable shots.

Tornado Snap

Wrote Ali as a caption to the first image shared above:

"Since it was on the news and apparently it's going viral.. And I love him a lot!"

She included a diamond ring emoji with the picture as well... so these two might have some even bigger news to share soon!

But we somehow doubt their impending engagement will go more viral than these photos have gone.

No offense to Ali and Charlie, of course. But couples get engaged everyday.

They don't snap the perfect photo of tuxedo and tornado very often, however.

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