Corey Feldman Wants to "Name Names" of Hollywood Pedophiles, Fears Lawsuit

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Earlier this week, Elijah Wood raised the disturbing issue of child molestation in Hollywood, suggesting that the problem is more widespread than anyone would have guessed.

Corey Feldman in 2013

Now, former child star Corey Feldman is joining the conversation, taking part in a revealing interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

While Wood clarified that his statements may have been exaggerated, Feldman confirms that child predators indeed run rampant in the entertainment industry and that it is "a growing problem, not a shrinking problem."

He describes the abuse inflicted upon himself and his former friend and child star Corey Haim, who died in 2010 after a longtime battle with addiction.

"He had more direct abuse than I did. With me, there were some molestations and it did come from several hands, so to speak, but with Corey, his was direct rape, whereas mine was not actual rape.

"And his also occurred when he was 11. My son is 11 now and I can't even begin to fathom the idea of something like that happening to him. It would destroy his whole being."

Feldman said he would love nothing more than to "name names" of the people who are committing these crimes, admitting that at least one he knows of is still a power player in Hollywood today, but fears legal ramifications.

“I’m not able to name names. People are frustrated, people are angry, they want to know how is this happening and they want answers and they turn to me and they say, 'Why don’t you be a man and stand up and name names and stop hiding and being a coward?'

"I have to deal with that, which is not pleasant, especially given the fact that I would love to name names. I’d love to be the first to do it.

"But unfortunately California conveniently enough has a statute of limitations that prevents that from happening.

"Because if I were to go and mention anybody’s name I would be the one that would be in legal problems and I’m the one that would be sued.”

He did, however, say that if another party filed a lawsuit against one of his abusers, he would "back them up."

“If somebody came forward with a suit against one of these people [who molested me],” he says, “I would certainly be more than happy to back them up. But that hasn’t happened.”

In 2013, Feldman published a memoir, Coreyography, detailing his and Haim's experience with child predators in Hollywood.

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