Chrissy Teigen Breastfeeds, Earns Fake Ire of Kelly Clarkson

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Chrissy Teigen totally has this new motherhood thing down pat.

Chrissy Teigen and Baby

First, she's refusing to let the haters get to her, lashing out at critics who dared to criticize the model because she went to dinner.

Second, she gave birth to a really cute child with husband John Legend.

Just look at that photo above of Chrissy and little daughter Luna.

Third, she's learning to multitask... while helping mothers around the world normalize breastfeeding.

Consider the following photo Teigen recenty shared on Snapchat:

Chrissy Teigen Breastfeeds

"Christine wears many hats," she captioned the Snapchat video still, which features the Lip Sync Battle co-host having her assistant unzip her top.

Teigen and Legend welcomed Luna on April 14, with the child weighing in at 6 pounds and 11 ounces.

Fourth, Teigen is rocking an impressive post-baby body these days, showing it off late last week via a picture of herself in a crop top.

In response, she has earned the jovial wrath of Kelly Clarkson, who welcomed her second child, Remington, on April 12 (two days before the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model).

Clearly taken aback by Teigen's taut figure just a month after giving birth, the singer wrote on Twitter:

"Okay, what?! She just had a baby! #hateher #justkidding #kindofnotkidding #jealouslikeJonas."

But Clarkson quickly made amends by inviting Teigen and Legend over, especially after taking a glance at the cookbook author's talents in the kitchen.

"Yeah I'm not gonna lie, that looks damn good!" she responded to Legend's photo of Mother's Day fried chicken. "You & @chrissyteigen r welcome 4 play dates if u bring that w/you ha!"

Would anyone else pay any amount of money to see pictures of these stars and their kids on a play date?

No? Just us?

In that case, let's just move on to other photos of famous moms who are breastfeeding their kids in public:

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