Tyga: Lamborghini Getting Repossessed, Owes $350K!!

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It's a good thing Kylie Jenner's got, like, a thousand cars, because it sounds as though her boyfriend Tyga is gonna need a ride.

Tyga and His Chain

The rapper hasn't been making the payments on his 2013 Lamborghini Aventador and owes Choice Motor Credit $350,000, according to TMZ. 

The company allegedly wants to repossess the vehicle, which is something Tyga should be used to by now.

CMC repo'd his Bentley earlier this year, on which he still owes $91,000, and has already sold it. 

Then, of course, there's that Mercedes G-Wagon he gave to Kylie (the same one he originally gifted to Blac Chyna, 'cause he's classy that way).

He reportedly failed to make payments on that ride as well, and it's in danger of repossession.

The only trouble is that it's parked inside Kylie's fortress, so the repo man is having a real heck of a time getting through her two security gates.

This is only the tip of the gimormous iceberg of financial woes Tyga's been dealing with.

In February, Tyga was served with an eviction notice from the landlord on the Hollywood Hills home he rents for $17,000 a month. And that's on top of owing more than $120,000 in rent and interest on a separate rental.

The rapper, who is far more famous for being Kylie's d-bag boyfriend than for any music he's created, filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

In short, the man is flat broke.

No one understands what Kylie sees in this jerk, but if she wants to carry him, we suppose that's her choice.

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