Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: Can Kailyn's Marriage Be Saved?

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Monday night on an emotional Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 7, Javi Marroquin had to say goodbye to his family prior to his deployment.

Knowing what we do about Kailyn Lowry and Javi splitting up - it sure looks that way at least - made this week even tougher to watch ...

If Kailyn and Javi are over for good, we can point to the fact that he was headed out to be deployed for six months as a major factor.

This fact of military life takes its toll on all families of the armed services, but in this case it may have been too much for them to handle.

There's no question Kailyn has gone off the rails in recent months, and fans worry that she may spiral further into a pattern of depression.

"I hope that absence makes the heart grow fonder,” Kailyn, who already suffered a recent miscarriage, told the MTV cameras, longingly.

Coupled with the fact that Jo Rivera is engaged to Vee Torres while her own husband is beefing with her on Twitter from overseas?

We could be seeing the beginning of the end as we watch Teen Mom 2 online. In any case, the entire family got very emotional Monday.

Leading up to his departure, the Air Force member felt good.

“I’m going to save the world, babe,” Javi told his loving wife.

Whether his marriage can be saved is an open question.

Further down south, Carolina Hurricane Jenelle Evans wanted one thing from Nathan Griffith - to get him to drop those assault charges.

Not just for peace of mind, but specifically so Jenelle could still participate in a surgical tech program that is central to her career path.

Nathan, for his part, says he hasn't seen their son in 7-8 weeks.

Tension surrounding this issue was exacerbated when he expected Jenelle to bring Kaiser with her for a visit, but she showed up alone.

Her current beau David Eason was pissed for different reasons:

“It doesn't matter if he’s the father of your child or not - to me it’s like a slap in the face that you would even want to meet up with him and talk to him."

Not shockingly, Nathan isn't a big time fan of David's either.

A little digging into David Eason's past unearthed a long list of criminal complaints against Jenelle's boyfriend, including domestic violence.

“Nothing you say is adding up. You live with a felon - I don’t,” Nathan said to Jenelle, leaving us wonder how long their truce will last.

Things weren't quite as uncomfortable between Leah Messer and Corey Simms - it's hard to top Jenelle and ... anyone in that arena.

Still, there was plenty of tension in West Virginia as well.

Leah received paperwork about her upcoming court date to reconsider the couple’s custody arrangements, which was stressful enough.

On top of that, though, the parents still had to work together regarding their daughter as they headed to Columbus for Ali's check up.

During the appointment, the duo met with a social worker about their potential custody arrangement changes, and also spoke privately.

Messer, as always, felt she was getting the shaft.

“I have my s--t together. There is no reason whatsoever that my children can’t be with me Thursday through Sunday,” Leah told her cousin.

Will a judge agree? After all this?

Finally, some good Teen Mom 2 news ...

“Oh, my god ... I’m getting f--king married,” Chelsea Houska excitedly said to a friend in South Dakota, still beaming from her proposal.

Researching decorations, flowers and such for her wedding to Cole DeBoer sure beats dealing with that derelict of society Adam Lind.

If only he would just go away!

Unfortunately, it's not that easy, and the Housk is still embroiled in a legal battle over whether Adam Lind is the worst father in history.

She expressed disappointment (that's putting it nicely) with the way he treats their daughter, and just wants him to own up to his child.

“You can be the biggest piece of s--t [when] you wanna be. You’re only being a d--k to her,” Chelsea said re: how Adam treats Aubree.

Cole is really outshining him in the daddy department - the bar is set pretty low, granted - which Lind doesn't appreciate. Stay tuned.

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