Teen Mom 2 Recap: Who Got Engaged? Who Gave Birth? Who Had a Miscarriage?

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Monday on Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 5, the second installment in as many nights, Cole had a major surprise in store for Chelsea.

Meanwhile, the Carolina Hurricane herself, Jenelle Evans, was forced to face the music - i.e. the assault charges against her - again.

Also, Kailyn Lowry revealing some devastating news, and Leah Messer's ex, Corey Simms, welcomed his newest child into this world.

Oh yes, emotions were at an all-time zenith, as you'll see when you watch Teen Mom 2 online (if you haven't done so already, of course).

Let's break down the latest, greatest episode of the MTV hit:

Beginning on a happy note ... Chelsea is engaged!

"He took me to this spot he likes out in the woods," Houska told her mom. "There were a whole bunch of trees that had pictures of us."

"Then he got on his knee ... He even asked [Aubree]," Chelsea gushed. "He was like, 'Is it OK if I marry your mommy?' I was very emotional."

Not on the guest list for the big day? Adam Lind.

Just a hunch there. The inked-up bad boy and frequent taker of lewd selfies spent most of the episode brooding about custody issues.

Jenelle Evans' lawyer must bill so many hours

Seriously, what a great client to get if you're in the criminal defense profession. So many legal battles, so little time to keep them straight.

This week, the assault charges brought against Jenelle by Nathan Griffith's girlfriend threatened to impact the star's custody agreement.

Essentially, Nathan feels their son Kaiser is being kept from him, and his GF offered to drop the charges ... with a side of soft blackmail.

"They've got you red-handed, and you admit to everything you did, and there's no defense to it," Jenelle's lawyer explained, candidly.

"And that's assault and battery, third degree."

So it's either fork over custody or fight a losing court battle. No wonder she was crying in the bathroom after mulling over these options.

At least her boyfriend of the week David Eason moved in with her, a situation that will totally never backfire in any way, shape or form.

Congratulations, Corey and Miranda!

The most-subtitled member of the Teen Mom 2 cast welcomed his daughter with second wife Miranda Patterson, which is very special.

For Leah Messer, though, it was complicated.

With the baby coming months early, and the new parents having their hands full, Leah offered to help by taking care of her twin girls.

Corey had no interest in taking her up on it.

"Wouldn't it be easier to allow the mother of your children to take them?" Leah complained, but of course, she had already lost custody.

Messer later showed us why, looking frazzled as s--t trying to get Ali to chorus on time, forgetting part of her outfit and losing her cool.

"Are you f--king kidding me right now? Why is my life so f--king horrible Like, what the f--k," Leah said as Twitter no doubt went berzerk.

More devastation rocks Kailyn Lowry

The troubled mother of two revealed that she suffered a miscarriage earlier in the season, initially opting not to talk about it on camera.

However, she opened up to a friend in this episode, recalling that she bled for "days and days ... we had planned the baby down to a science.

"We didn't tell anyone. We were gonna announce on our Christmas cards," Lowry lamented, then opened up about her husband, too.

She didn't feel that Javi Marroquin had her back at all while she was hospitalized, which he later explained and took responsibility for.

"I knew it was no one's fault - it wasn't your fault, and it wasn't my fault. But it's crazy ... it's like I needed someone to blame," he said.

"That was part of the reason why me and you were fighting so much .... I needed to blame somebody, and I was taking it out on you."

"I'm sorry for being mean ... In my head, I'm thinking, 'She shouldn't have went to the gym, she shouldn't have gone to jiu jitsu,' or stuff like that."

"I know it had nothing to do with that."

Kailyn seemed to accept her husband's apology, but things are not good ... it could be all over for Lowry and Marroquin at this point.

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