Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: The Gathering Storm

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On a special Sunday night edition of Teen Mom 2, Season 7 Episode 4, Leah Messer found herself embroiled in custody drama yet again.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry felt the backlash from a recent rumble with Jo Rivera and was thrown for a loop by husband Javi Marroquin ...

Let's begin on a less combative note with Chelsea Houska and fiance Cole, the show's cutest couple and definitely its most stable.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, it's difficult not to smile when you see these two together ... especially when they're playing house.

In a new house they planned to buy together!

"It [feels] good that you wouldn't be afraid to jump on it with me," Chelsea said "And then we'd have our house that we bought together!"

Despite the fact that their first house offer was not accepted (another buyer paid cash, isn't that always the way), they are rock steady.

The same cannot be said for Adam Lind.

"He doesn't have the responsibility of paying for what she eats ... nothing," Chelsea said. "His child support should be helping with groceries."

"He really doesn't provide anything."

Except Adam Lind nude photos on Instagram. He provides a lot of those. And the occasional inappropriate pic of his daughter too.

To state the obvious, as baby daddies go, we have seen better. It's no surprise that Aubree has taken to calling Cole "Coley Daddy."

Down in West Virginia, Leah Messer filed a motion for shared custody after losing that right to ex-husband Corey Simms a week ago.

She was still pretty steamed about those allegations that she can't get their daughters to school on time - including from the girls themselves.

"Why would you lie like that? First of all, you guys have no business worrying about what time you get to school," Leah snapped back.

"You guys just go to school," she told the twins regarding this sensitive topic. "Me and your father handle what time you get to school."

They did get there on time this week. FYI.

Further down south, another custody battle was brewing and the Carolina Hurricane was gaining strength. Like Category 2-3 at least.

No baby daddy was involved here, however.

After picking up Jace from Jenelle Evans' house and finding out that Jace was amped up on Coke, Barbara worried about her grandson.

Is he in a safe environment with Jenelle?

The younger Evans, who had been on a date with David Eason, naturally did not want to hear her mother's criticism of her parenting.

Babs even asked Jace how he felt about it:

"Do you think Mommy gets a lot of boyfriends really fast? I'm getting kinda worried about you. Would it bother you if you didn't go over there for a little bit?"

Her mind was made up, it seems, as Barbara ended up ignoring her daughter's calls when she tried to see Jace the following weekend.

"Jace is very, very, very upset about you going out and he wants you to stay home," Barbara told her in the latest chapter of this saga.

In Delaware, tensions between Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera were still at DEFCON 3 levels, but at least there were no screaming matches.

Instead, she gave him the silent treatment.

And vice versa. "So, that was awkward when he dropped him off," Kailyn complained to friends. "Weird, he didn't say anything to me."

Maybe not the worst thing, considering.

Kail also learned about Javi Marroquin being deployed for up to six months overseas, putting pressure on an already strained relationship.

"It hasn't sunk in for me yet. It's not happening," Kailyn said, before telling her husband that with him gone, "I may or may not fall apart." 

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