Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: The Rage Escalates

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Could things really get any worse for Leah Messer? Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 3 answered that question in the wake of her custody fight.

Meanwhile, the tumult of Kailyn Lowry's life threatened to blow Leah's drama out of the water this week, which is truly saying something ...

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, or follow Leah's tumultuous personal life at all, you knew this was coming, but still. Man, was it ugly.

Learning that the terms of her custody arrangement with Corey Simms had been reversed, she said, "My nerves are just f--king shot."

"I just know my girls aren't coming home. I ain't dumb. Something's not right ... [the judge] doesn't understand that's completely ridiculous."

Speaking of completely ridiculous, Adam Lind posted what baby mama Chelsea Houska claimed was an inappropriate picture online.

For once, however, we're not talking about Adam Lind nude selfies on Insta or NC-17 Adam Lind sex photos with his girlfriend Stasia.

No, this was a photo of the couple's six-year-old daughter, Aubree, that Chelsea felt was not suitable for Lind's public online audience.

MTV must have agreed, because they did not show it.

Chelsea's friend weighed in that there were "creepy people" out there that Aubree is "too old for that" ... whatever that actually was.

When she confronted Adam and asked him to delete it, his response was "Kidding me? There's nothing bad about that. What the f--k?"

The Housk was furious. "I literally hate him," she said.

There was no hate, only love, for the new man in Jenelle Evans' life, David Eason, a welder and father of two who she met on Tinder.

Again, we already know how this is going to play out.

Spoiler alert: There are fights. There are arrests. It's just a question of when the footage airs, how bad it gets, and how Barbara reacts.

Further up the East Coast, the anger was flowing hardcore as the men of Kailyn Lowry saw tensions building between them like crazy.

It started when Javi Marroquin went to Isaac's school and reported back to Kailyn that Jo Rivera could not bathe or dress the kid right.

Kail texted Jo, who became defense as you'd expect.

He replied that Javi should worry about his own kid, and later, Kailyn and Jo got into a fight when she showed up early to pick up Isaac.

MTV, somehow, did not catch this epic argument.

Kailyn filmed portions of it on her cell phone, however, in the event that she needs to go to court - always a good sign of any relationship.

At issue? Jo wearing sweatpants, apparently.

While his slovenly look may seem like kind of a trivial detail, for Lowry it was emblematic of a much bigger issue she sees with Rivera.

"I did question your appearance because to me, at 4:30 on a Sunday, you should have your life together," Lowry is heard telling Jo.

Javi also got involved, hollering "Take care of your s--tty dog. Take care of your s--t," and basically saying Jo has no drive or ambition.

Really drilling his wife's ex where it hurts, Javi said, "Just cause you have another baby, doesn't mean you neglect your other son."

Jo Rivera and Vee Torres got engaged recently and have a child of their own, and Kailyn also said that Jo's a bad role model to Isaac.

"What can he look up to Jo for?" Kail told Javi.

"Telling his mother to go f--k herself?"

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