Solange Knowles: Still Pissed at Jay Z! Validated By "Lemonade" Lyrics!

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It's ancient gossip history at this point, but you probably remember the 2014 incident in which Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, attacked Jay Z in an elevator at a Met Gala after-party.

If you somehow forgot (or just want to relive one of the Carter family's most profoundly WTF?! moments) check out the video below:

Yeah, when we said "attacked," we didn't mean Solange gave Jay a piece of her mind.

The the girl went full Jerry Springer on Hov, and it's worth noting that her famous sister pretty much just stood there and let it happen.

At the time, it was rumored that Solange was pissed about rumors that Jay was cheating on Bey with Rachel Roy.

Now that Roy is one of the suspected Beckies cited in Bey's Lemonade release as possible Jay side-pieces, Solange must be feeling more than a little smug.

The lesser-known Knowles has been in favor of her sister dropping the Jigga Man for quite some time, and it seems she's no longer alone in her efforts.

“Everyone in Beyonce’s family is supportive of them staying together except for Solange," a source tells Hollywood Life.

"She was so happy when Beyonce was making moves to leave Jay Z - she thinks Beyonce deserves better than a guy that wants to run around. "

We think pretty much everyone would agree with that.

The source adds that Bey has tried to force her husband and sister to patch things up, but that now that seems less likely than ever:

"Beyonce tried to make Solange and Jay Z kiss and make up, but it hasn’t really worked. They’re civil with each other for Beyonce’s sake, but that’s as far as it goes.”

So it looks like Solange was right and Jay was acting like a dog.

The only question now is: does Bey's little sister know who Becky is?

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