Rachel Roy: She Really IS Becky! Says Friend of Beyonce

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Just when the dust is kind of starting to settle after the Beyonce "who is Becky?" brouhaha, a friend of the singer's is kicking it up again.

Rachel Roy at Film Premiere

Much of the past week in celeb gossip has been dedicated to figuring out the identity of "Becky with the good hair," a.k.a., the person who Jay Z cheated on Beyonce with.

The first assumption was Rachel Roy, primarily because she wrote "good hair, don't care" on an Instagram post just hours after the pop diva released the song with the telling lyric on her new album "Lemonade."

They Beyhive went bonkers on Roy, which led her to publicly deny the accusations and denounce cyberbullying.

"There is no validity to the idea that the song references me personally," she said in a statement. "There is no truth to the rumors."

Fans started to ease up on Roy and dispersed to conjure up alternative theories about "Becky." 

But now, a source close to Beyonce is saying that, indeed, Roy IS the notorious Becky, according to Radar Online.

"'Becky' has actually been a nickname that Beyonce has called Rachel for years," the source told Radar. "It isn't just a generic name for a girl."

The source also confirmed that it was Jay Z's affair with Roy that caused Solange Knowles to attack the rapper in an elevator after the Met Gala in 2014.

"Rachel came up to Beyonce's group and said hello to Jay Z," the source recalled. "Beyonce said nothing to her but she didn't make her leave." 

"Solange started in on both Beyonce and Jay Z about not letting her around them," added the source. 

"She was furious that Beyonce would just sit there and let Rachel hit on her man." 

The friend added that later in the evening, Roy approached the couple again and a photographer shot a photo of them.

Not wanting to cause a scene, Beyonce complied, which set Solange over the edge and led to the famed elevator incident.

Erm, so this source is dishing about a fan talking to and taking a picture with someone at a party.

That's it?

Either they're leaving out some important details or Solange went bananas for a very trivial reason.

But hey, anything for album sales, right?

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