Prince Murder Headline Sinks Tabloid to New Low

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We still do not know why Prince died.

There has been ample speculation, but fans of this iconic singer may need to week several weeks before the complete autopsy results are made public.

Prince Magazine Cover

This much we know, however:

Prince was not murdered.

And any publication that writes otherwise ought to be ashamed of itself.

We're looking at you, In Touch Weekly. 

The latest cover story of this supermarket tabloid actually uses a photo of Prince, along with the all-caps headline of IT WAS MURDER.

Is there any evidence to back up this wild allegation? Come on. What do you think?

“Homicide has not been ruled out by the Minnesota authorities,” an anonymous source supposedly tells the magazine... even though the Carver’s Country Sheriff said in a press conference last week that no foul play was involved.

So, from where does the tabloid conjure up this "murder" thing?  

From an unnamed private investigator who has no connection to the case and who says that perhaps a physician gave Prince too many pills.

“If someone overprescribed medication for Prince, in my opinion, it was murder," this totally real individual says.

The magazine goes on to cite Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray, referring to the latter as “precedent” for a doctor providing his famous patient with too much medication.

Of course... Jackson died immediately after Murray administered a fatal dose of Propofol; Murray ultimately faced a manslaughter charge for the act.

Prince, conversely, fell unconscious in an elevator inside his Minnesota residence. He was not under a doctor's care at the time.

It's very possible that an accidental overdose led to the artist's tragic demise.

But we're pretty sure an "accidental overdose" does not qualify as murder.

We know we should be used to tabloids simply making up stories in order to sell issues. Check out the gallery below for a number of example.

But this one feels particularly crass, doesn't it?

For purple shame, In Touch Weekly. For purple shame.

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