O.J. Simpson Murder Weapon: NOT Knife Found at Crime Scene!

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After nearly a month of testing, LAPD detectives have stated that a knife found at the former estate of O.J. Simpson is not THE knife.

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Simpson, as everyone knows, was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1994.

The one missing piece from the "mountain of evidence" that could (should?) have convicted Simpson was the missing murder weapon.

Conspiracy theories abound as to what happened to the knife used in the brutal slayings, but its whereabouts were never discovered.

Did Robert Kardashian dispose of it? Or make Kris Jenner hide the O.J. murder weapon? At this point, we've pretty much heard it all.

You can imagine the speculation, then, when TMZ broke the story last month that a knife was found buried at Simpson's former estate.

A construction worker found it years ago and turned it over to an off-duty cop, who only recently shared it with the LAPD upon his retirement.

A lawyer for retired Officer George Maycott has said the construction worker gave his client the knife after meeting him on a film set.

The officer was on private security duty, while the worker was part of a crew demolishing the former Heisman trophy winner's home.

Attorney Trent Copeland said his client was told there was no need to hand the knife over to the LAPD earlier since Simpson was acquitted.

Bizarre as that turn of events is, it's a moot point. Investigators ruled the knife out after forensic tests, Police Captain Andy Neiman said.

"We have confirmed, we have determined, there is no nexus," he said.

Investigators previously said it was unlikely this knife was the murder weapon, as it was too small to inflict the damage the victims suffered. 

Also, any DNA would be nearly impossible to extract 20 years later.

Simpson could not be criminally charged again regardless, because of protections against double jeopardy, but the case remains open.

Over the years, police have examined several knives as well, but have never found one they could connect to the infamous killings.

O.J., meanwhile, is serving a sentence of nine to 33 years in a Nevada prison for a botched 2007 Las Vegas hotel robbery. Seriously.

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