Matt Fink: Prince Band Mate Says Singer Was Sicker Than We Thought

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Today, fans are mourning the shocking death of Prince, the visionary music legend who brought us countless unforgettable hits.

Prince On Stage At The 57th Annual GRAMMY

The singer was found dead in his Minnesota home Thursday morning.

His tragic passing occurred just one week after his plane made an emergency landing to treat what representatives later said was the flu.

However, Matt Fink, who played keyboards in Prince's band The Revolution in the 80s, is skeptical regarding that explanation.

Fink tells Radar that he believes the 57-year-old "1999" and "When Doves Cry" singer had more health problems than he had let on.

“I can’t believe it was flu related,” Fink said, referring to last week.

“At that time, I speculated it was not good,” he added. “But I was glad he was well. I assumed he was fine, that he was healing.”

TMZ reported late Thursday that Prince suffered a drug overdose six days before he died, but this has not been independently confirmed.

In 2009, the seven-time Grammy winner revealed that he had been born with epilepsy and suffered seizures when he was a child.

However, Fink said his friend - somewhat ironically a shy, reserved person despite his over-the-top stage persona - never mentioned this.

“He never discussed it. He brought that up much later after the band.”

Fink said Prince had disclosed a separate health condition at one point later on, but didn't reveal any details about it.

“He told me he had a heart murmur as well,” he told the website.

But, in keeping with his private ways, "we never discussed it.”

“We’re in major shock right now,” he concluded. “It’s very difficult to express how we (the members of the band) feel. It’s a tough time.”

As of this report, the cause of death for the legendary artist is still officially undetermined, and remains under investigation.

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