Mackenzie McKee: Probably Pregnant ... and Still With Husband!

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Is Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee really about to become a single mother of three kids, as a surprising report indicated yesterday?

New intel suggests that this may only be half right ...

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TMZ broke the news that Mackenzie McKee is pregnant and single, or essentially single, despite expecting a boy on September 7.

The article also stated that Mackenzie and her husband, Josh McKee, split up, as they have done in the past ... but for good this time.

Not so fast, according to insiders.

The Ashley's Reality Roundup says they're still together, in all likelihood ... though M-squared is probably pregnant with their third child.

According to The Ashley, Mackenzie’s manager has planted stories about her with TMZ in the past, and may have done so again here.

Remember the "leaked" Mackenzie McKee sex tape last year? Exactly. So is the breakup / pregnancy scandal of 2016 legit, or bogus? 

For what it's worth, Josh, Mackenzie and their family members are still following one another on social media, including private accounts.

The reality star even tweeted to a couple of friends this week “to join me in my marriage with Josh so we can be on TLC Sister Wives.”

SIDE NOTE: We would probably watch that.

Even more telling? Earlier this week, Mackenzie's Snapchat showed Josh McKee attempting to catch a mouse ... in the couple's house.

So much for the McKees living separately?

The Ashley quotes a source telling the website exclusively, “they’re still together. I have no idea where that rumor came from.”

Is Mackenzie pregnant? Most likely, yes. But that doesn't mean the breakup aspect of the original story wasn't manufactured.

Incredibly, this would be the 21-year-old’s fifth pregnancy (that we know of ... she has two young children and has miscarried twice). 

More details to follow as the story develops ...

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