Lindsey Harrison Gets ENORMOUS Boob Job!

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You'll be forgiven if you don't recognize Lindsey Harrison any longer.

Because she's a random reality star who was briefly famous after appearing as a cast member on Season 4 of 16 and Pregnant?

Lindsey Harrison Photo

Well, yes. For sure.

But also because Harrison has just undergone a boob job.

And not just any boob job.

We are talking about the biggest boob job that anyone is legally permitted to undergo in the United States of America.

In plastic surgery news broken by TMZ, the 21-year old Harrison recently went under the knife of Dr. Michael Salzhauer.

That very same surgeon transformed Teen Mom 3’s Briana DeJesus earlier this year.

According to that celebrity gossip website, Lindsey was an A cup prior to the doctor putting in 800cc silicone implants, which are the maximum silicone implant available in America.

Go above this number and physicians believe risk factors outweigh the benefits of having a much larger chest.

Harrison is now somewhere around a DD cup and we hear she's very happy with the results ... which you can see here.

We also hear that her next boyfriend will be even happier with the results, whoever he turns out to be.

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