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Being engaged is fine and all, but having a bunch of dudes fighting for camera time your affection is so much better.

This is reportedly how Lauren Bushnell feels about runner-up Jojo Fletcher being the new Bachelorette.

Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Visit 'The Lion King' on Broadway
Photo via Getty Images
JoJo and Ben
Photo via ABC

"It’s definitely weird that the Bachelor winner is jealous of the runner-up, but she is,” a source told Life & Style.

“JoJo is having the time of her life filming The Bachelorette, and Lauren’s just a girl with a fiancé. They’re [she and Ben Higgins] out of the honeymoon phase.”


Bushnell, the source says, wants gentlemen callers "fawning" all over her.  Instead, she feels like a basic bitch "stuck" in Denver with her basic fiance.

“JoJo’s running around the world meeting amazing guys" while Bushnell is “sitting on the couch ordering Chinese takeout," the source said.

Both scenarios sound like a dream, if I’m being totally honest.

Bushnell is also grappling with the fact that Higgins was, at one point, in love with two women simultaneously.

“She’s no longer excited for the wedding because she thinks friends and family are still whispering about Ben being in love with JoJo,” the source added.

“It’s ruining the marriage process for her.”

Did anyone explain to Bushnell the premise of The Bachelor before she applied?