Lara Spencer: I'm Pissed About Michael Strahan, Too!

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Lara Spencer is on Team Kelly Ripa.

Sort of. She's at least on Team Anti-How-the-Michael-Strahan-Situation-Was-Handled.

Lara Spencer on Good Morning America
Michael Strahan Laughs

As previously documented, Strahan announced his imminent departure from Live! this week, confirming that he'll be joining Good Morning America as a full-time anchor in September.

Ripa was not made privy to this decision before it was made, reacting with outrage and then by no-showing yesterday morning's edition of the show she has helped helm since 2002.

But what about the other side of things?

How do those over at Good Morning America feel about Strahan as an impending addition?

According to an anonymous The Daily Mail sources, Spencer feels betrayed because she thought she was next in line to headline GMA’s 8 a.m. hour.

Instead, that position will now be filled by Strahan.

"Michael has basically been promised the 8 a.m. [slot],” an insider told the newspaper, adding:

“Yet this was Lara’s hour where she could do the softer celebrity segment. These will now go to Michael. We’re all asking, what’s left for Lara – baking and yard sale reporting – puh-lease, as if she wants that?”

A second source, meanwhile, says that those close to the show wonder what will now happen to Spencer.

“She is a team player here at GMA, she always brings her A-Game every day and she genuinely enjoys working on the show…

"Lara is furious and the fact that she hasn't congratulated Michael publicly says it all."

Spencer has been a key part of the Good Morning America family since 1999.

However, the Strahan move "was done with no plan and people here at ABC are taking notice," the newspaper concludes.

What does this mean for Spencer moving forward? It's unclear, but we know where should head in the short term:

We hear Turks and Caicos is gorgeous this time of year!

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