Lamar Odom: Caught Contacting Drug Dealers?

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Last week, Lamar Odom was spotted drinking in a bar just hours before he met up with Khloe Kardashian and her family for Easter Sunday church services.

It was only six months ago that Odom nearly died of a drug overdose, so family and friends were understandably troubled by the evidence of a relapse. Now they might have even more cause for concern:

Lamar Odom Watches the Lakers

According to Radar Online, Odom has been in contact with drug dealers in recent weeks, and it looks as though the former NBA star may be headed down a very dangerous path:

"Lamar has been reaching out to the people he knows who hooked him up with drugs back when he was living in Vegas," says one insider. "He's really doing stupid stuff."

Fortunately, Lamar's so-called friends have thus far refused to provide him with drugs:

"Lamar's old connections aren't coming through right now," the source claims. "They're all afraid to give him anything because of what happened last time.

"They don't want to get in trouble for him. They don't want any publicity so he's having troubling getting anything."

Sadly, it seemsĀ the only person who's unaware of how much trouble Odom is getting into is Odom himself:

"Lamar is completely delusional right now. It is sad," says the insider. "He just isn't thinking clearly at all."

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